5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy And Safe This Winter

If a cold weather alert has been issued, this is not exclusive to humans. Wind Chills can cause frostbite within minutes. Would you go without your hat and gloves in -20 degree weather? Dogs are susceptible to frost bite just as easily as humans. They can even get frostbite on their pads. So until they invent tail gloves, ear muffs or nose muffs, dogs or cats shouldn't be out either! Choose a coat that fits your Dog properly 1. Coats are great, but make sure they are not too tight or too loose. Not only are they good for small breeds but large breeds appreciate them too. Coats keep the wet snow off their backs and it means less towel drying for you!

When temperatures are more favourable to walk your dog use booties

2. Booties can range from $3-$45 in price but don't be fooled by more expensive ones, it doesn't necessarily mean better? Find booties that fit your dog properly and don't take half an hour to put on! Dogs sweat through their pads so be sure to use booties made with a fabric that breaths.

Use organic coconut oil on your Dog's paws 3. If you have a breed that is notorious for getting those little snowballs like breeds with curly coats. Try this simple trick, use organic coconut oil in a pump spray bottle. Stay away from aerosol sprays like the ones you find in non-stick cooking sprays which use a chemical called propellants. This chemical helps to force the oil out of the can. Coconut oil will prevent the snowballs from sticking to your dog's fur. Make sure to spray in between their toes and pads. If your dog licks it, not a problem coconut oil is good for them. By the time they get back from their walk there won't be much left to lick anyways!

Fill a Tupperware container with hot water

4. Before you go on your walk with your dog, fill a Tupperware container with hot water. By the time you get back, the water will be lukewarm. Dip one paw at a time into the water to remove salt and those nasty snowballs.

Apply organic coconut butter

5. If your dog has cracked pads, which can be painful if salt gets into them. Have your Dog wear their booties around the house so they can't like it off. You can also use a product called Fou-Stick, looks like chap stick. You can purchase this product from most pet stores. Apply before and after walks. Ingredients: Beeswax,Coconut oil, Mango Seed Butter, Castor Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, and Peppermint Oil. So stay safe and fit this winter! Spring is just around the corner. Laura Scarfo

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