HomeCheck & PetCare Services 10 Ways You Can Help Your Pet Sitter And Your Pet

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1. Clear the walkway to your front door of any snow or ice.

2. Ensure your pet is well socialized and allows strangers to handle them.

3. Make sure tags on your pet's collar are current and up to date.

4. Leave a key with a trustworthy neighbour as a backup for emergencies, give them and your pet sitter each other's phone numbers.

5. Leave clear and detailed instructions with specific pet care routine, emergency contacts, and keep pet supplies in one place for easy access.

6. Show your pet sitter where your water shut off and breaker box is located.

7. Contact your pet sitter well in advance of holidays.

8. Keep pet sitter's cell # to notify them of your safe return home.

9. Never assume anything, you know your pet the best; so be clear with communication and instructions.

10. Go on holidays feeling relaxed knowing your pet sitter is fulfilling all of your pet's needs and your pet is stress free!

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