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OUR TEAM is Trained, friendly, trusted and caring!

 HomeCheck & PetCare Services dedicates itself to ensure your home and pets are cared for as if you never left home. Our goal is to make you our clients; feel stress free while you are away. Our team is licensed and bonded with a complete police background check.

Dog Walking


Dog walking can encompass so many great things for your Dog. Socialization, excersise, relieves stress from being cooped up in the home all day. It will relieve your stress too; knowing your beloved companion isn't cooped up all day!

Puppy Visits


It is so exciting when you bring a puppy home for the first time and most families bring them home during vacation time or on the weekend. It's now Monday and the kids are off to school and you are off to work; who is going to mind the puppy?

Start them off on a good schedule and you will have less issues later.



Pet Sitting


Pets(like humans) are more comfortablke in their own homes. If you go away on a business trip or vacation, it's important to make sure your absense is as stress-free for your animal as possible.

Cat Visits


Cat's and Kittens need attention too, they may not need as much as Dog's but they need the same affection.