Our Team

Trained, friendly, trusted and caring!


Happy team means happy clients, happy clients means happy team! Definition of team: A group of people with a full set of complimentary skills required to complete a task, job, or project. This is what The Home and Pet Care Company dedicates itself too. Our team works with you to ensure your home and pets are cared for as if you never left home. We make sure anyone who joins our team is like minded, personable and qualified. Our goal is to make you our clients; feel stress free while you are away. Our team is licensed, bonded and with a complete police background check.


Our Mission

To give you peace of mind and asurance that when you are away from home on vacation, business trip or any other reason that may take you away  from your beloved pets and home;  you will have the confindence to know that the people behind the name Home and Pet Care Company really do care about your pets and home.

Laura Scarfo

Owner and Training Manager

Laura Scarfo owned her own business for over 20 years and wrote the book on customer service and training! She has very high standards. All new team member's are shadowed for the first few visits to ensure they have the tools and knowledge to help them succeed in our mission. We take on the worry so you don't have too!

Cesar Soares

HomeCheck Services


If you think you have what it takes to become a Home and Pet Care assisstant

please fill in this application and e-mail it to



Any applications we feel may be the right fit will be followed up with an interview.

Thank you for applying!



Carlos Soares

Service Manager

Carlos Soares has been in the service industry for over 20 years. His job is to make sure all the services you requested are followed through; and all your needs are met. He is the guy who will make sure the right people are put in place to put your mind at ease when you are away from home.

Kimberly Parker


Maria Clark


Call or e-mail us for a free meet and greet 

905-510-1938 info@homecheckpetcareservices.com

Our service area is Oakville, Ontario Canada

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