Watch this quick video on why you should hire a Professional Pet Sitter!


Overnight RATES

Overnight stays in your home  $75 per night 10pm-7am breakfast included additional daily visits $25 per 30 mins

 2 pets per household included, PLUS watering of indoor plants, outdoor planters, newspaper and mail collection.

Min 4 nights for overnight stays.

*we respectfully decline pet sitting services for dogs less then a year old*


Holidays Rates

New Years Eve, New Years Day, Family Day,Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day  $35 per 30 min visit/walk

$85 for overnight stays in your home


Weekend rates $28 per 30 min visit/walk

Before 9am and after 6pm $28 per 30 min visit/walk

Additional Pets please call for a quote

*All prices subject to HST


Why should you use a pet sitter? Pets are happier at home and experience less stress. Their routines are uninterrupted and they are less likely to be exposed to illness.  Kennel cough is  highly contagious; which is often spread in enclosed areas with poor circulation-while boarding in a kennel for example.

Put yourself in your pets shoes! One minute you are nice and cozy at home lying on your bed with the sound of birds singing outside your window; the next you are dropped into kaios!

Give your pet the one on one attention they need and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

Pet Sitting