Dog Walking

Dogs need to be walked, it is one of the most important activities and should be implemented into their daily routine. Walking your Dog will help to socialize them to their enviroment. It also helps to reduce your dog's stress from you being away and prevents certain behavioural issues from developing; isolation anxiety, chewing, aggression to name a few.

HomeCheck & PetCare Services only uses walkers who are experienced in handling dogs.



$25 per 30 minutes

up to 2 dogs from the same household 


*We only walk a maximum of two dogs at a time to ensure your dog(s) receives the attention they deserve.

*must walk politely and with a loose leash

If your pup needs a little extra help to learn how to walk politely on leash please visit to join our Dealing With Walking classes

* For safety reasons we do not use retractable leashes or aversive training collars such as choke chains and pinch/prong collars.

*Reactive behaviour can be handled as long as your pet does not pose a risk to the safety of your pet, walker, or others.


Mornings before 9am, Evenings after 6pm, Weekends  $28 per 30 min visit 

Holiday Rates New Years Eve,New Years Day, Family Day,Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Sunday , Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day  

 $35 per 30 min walk/visit


For dog training classes go to


* All prices subject to HST

Contact us for a meet & greet or with any questions