A typical Pet Sitting Day with Tigger the cat


My Day starts off with visiting Tigger the cat, arrive first thing in the morning and I am greeted with a warm welcome at the door. Tigger rolls over on his back meowing and stretching to say "I had such a good sleep, what's for breakfast?!" Tigger has kidney failure so he needs his meds but will only take it with wet food which has to be warmed up in the microwave first then we add the crushed up pill. Tigger likes to be pet while he is eating; so we sit on the floor and place the small plate on one leg and then he starts to eat while we pet him.   He is given 1/2 of his dry kibble; then we play with his favouite feather toy. Tigger is all happy so we say have a good day Tigger and we will see you for dinner time. We arrive between 5 and 7pm and again Tigger greets us at the door. Lots of snuggles are given; we check to make sure kitty litter is cleaned and water is changed. We turn a couple of lights on and make sure everything is secure in Tigger's house. We like to leave written reports for our clients; which was a little difficult because Tigger felt this was his time to snuggle our faces and then chew on the end of the pen! At the end of the pet sit we ask our clients to send us a quick text to let us know they had arrived back safe and sound.


A typical Pet Sitting over night with Lewis the Standard Schnauzer


Lewis's Dad is a famous Sports personality on TV and his Mom and Dad have to leave for an early business flight. We arrive around 10am to feed Lewis his breakfast. Lewis is so excited to see us when we arrive because he knows we are going to have such a great time together! We read all the detailed notes Lewis's Mom has left for us and double check the location of the water shut off and the breaker box..  We turn  our attention back to Lewis and there he sits with his favourite orange treat ball in his mouth requesting a refill. We only use Lewis's kibble as treats because he has a food intolerance. He doesn't mind though; he loves his kibble!! We take a quick video to send to his Mom and Dad to show how much fun Lewis is having so far.

  After he finishes rolling the ball around he sits at the end of the hall and barks to let you know it's time to play chase around the dinningroom table! After a few rounds; it's time  for walkies; and what a gorgeous Fall day for it! We bring Lewis's kibble to do some training on our walk. We see a man and his dog walking towards us so we ask Lewis to sit politely and treat him as they pass by, good boy Lewis! ok lets go. We arrive back home and let Lewis off his leash.  Right away Lewis flys down the stairs and sits by the kitchen counter waiting for his yogurt cookie( which is the other treat he is allowed to have).  We change his water and let Lewis outside in the backyard and then give him his frozen stuffed kong ball that his loving Mom has prepared for him. We leave to attend to our other furry friends and arrive back again around dinner time to feed Lewis. After Lewis settles his tummy for a bit; we take him for his nightly walk and then prepare to spend the night. Lewis loves to snuggle, so we turn on the TV and Lewis jumps  up on the couch and snuggles right in. It's time to go to bed Lewis, but first we go outside  in the backyard for a last bathroom run. We go upstairs; brush our teeth and get into a very cozy bed. Lewis jumps right up and makes himself comfortable at the foot of the bed. Sweet dreams Lewis; up bright and early for another day of adventure!