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Laura Lynn Scarfo has always had animals in her life, she has such a true passion for their well being. Even when she goes on vacation, she is more attuned to the animals around her then the scenery in front of her! If an animal is in distress, Laura will do everything in her power to help.

She keeps an extra leash in the car just in case she happens upon a run away dog! "I would feel devasted knowing I could have saved that dog from being hit by a car and how the family would feel, so I can't turn a blind eye" say's Laura Lynn Scarfo.

"I was on vacation in Cuba and there was this horse behind our hotel, who would be tied up in this field  all day in the scorching heat with no water. I took it upon myself to fill buckets three times a day to give to him. It wasn't just the beach that made my vacation, it was Mr. Ed(I gave him that name)!


At one time Laura was the guardian of three German Shepherd mixes, Mikkita, Max, Usher and a cat named Toby!


Laura went through a two year apprenticeship program under her mentor Judy Emmert, former owner of Dealing With Dogs in Oakville in 2001.

Laura continues to work with Dealing With Dogs as a trainer, she has acquired a great deal of experience with many breeds of all ages and tempermants.

Laura also owned and operated her own business in the fashion industry for over 23 years where she raised money through her business for many charities.  The closest to her heart being the Oakville and Milton Humane Society and the Hamilton SPCA.


"After many successful years in the fashion industry I decided to take a different direction in my life and follow my true passion with animals" says owner Laura Lynn Scarfo. I wanted to combine my experience in business and dealing with animals to start a house sitting and pet sitting business.' having travelled a lot for my other business I was always very careful in who I chose to look after my animals and my home."



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Our Mission:

To give you peace of mind and assurance that when you are away from home on vacation, business trip or any other reason; you will have the confindence to know that the people behind the name HomeCheck & PetCare Services really do care about your pets and home.